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Nigel turns 60!

January was a big month at The Downshire with one of our main men, Nigel, turning 60. We hosted a party for all Nigel's family, friends and regulars to celebrate 60 years of a legend. In leu of presents Nigel's request was that those who could, make a donation to a few of his chosen charities on the night.

The final numbers were:

£2150.00 raised for Leonard Cheshire, a major health and welfare charity working in the United Kingdom and running development projects around the world. It was founded in 1948 by Royal Air Force officer Group Captain Leonard Cheshire VC.

£1800.00 for J29, a community outreach programme based in Banbridge.

Thanks to all who celebrated with us on the night and to everyone who made a donation.

Until the next big birthday... can you guess who's it is?

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